Safety Week 2021

May 2021

Be Present. Be Focused. Be Safe.

Safety Week 2021 – May 3rd-7th

In order for Ayars & Ayars, Inc. Safety Program to be effective, everyone, from a new hire to a 30-year employee, must take full responsibility for safety. The risks are real across our industry, and in every aspect of our work, including ones we cannot always see – such as the outside stresses and distractions that interfere with our ability to stay present, focused and safe on the job. That is why it is critically important to promote holistic safety in the workplace. This means ensuring that we are always both physically and mentally present and that we make every aspect of our wellbeing part of our safety culture and programs.

Our Most Important Asset

Ayars & Ayars, Inc. expects all work to be performed in a safe manner. No job is so important or urgent that it cannot be completed in a safe manner! Ayars & Ayars, Inc. regards its employees as its most important asset and is dedicated to providing a safe workplace. We promote safe work practices and pride in workmanship. Therefore, the safety and health of all personnel will receive top priority with full support and participation from all levels of management. 

Our Main Goals

“Caring for people and building beneficial relationship” is our first and in many ways central core value. It is our mission to provide a safe and health place for all of our employees. It is therefore our goal too:

Educate employees to work safely

Abide by all federal, state and local regulations as they pertain to construction

Apply food sense and safe practices to all jobs

Exercise good judgement in the application of our Safety Policy

Protect the public from potential hazards

CAUTION: Construction in Progress