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Dorchester Public School - LB889 First School Dorchester Public School -Tilt-up Construction Dorchester Public School - LB889 First School

Benefits of Design-Build:

Single Contract:
Owner will have a single contract with the design-builder. The design builder will provide architectural /engineering design services and construction services.
Cost Savings:
Design and construction personnel working as a team! This results in better evaluation of the project in terms of materials and methods. In addition to increasing efficiency and accuracy. All of these factors bring about a cost savings to the owner.
Time Savings:
Design and construction can be overlapped along with eliminating the repetitive redesign and rebidding resulting in a 33% faster cycle than traditional design-bid-build.
Early Knowledge of Costs:
The design-builder is accurately conceptualizing the completed project. The designer and estimator, working as a team, establish guaranteed construction costs early. Firm knowledge of final cost is made prior to construction.
Improved Risk Management:
Performance aspects of cost, schedule and quality are clearly defined and responsibilities/risks are managed.

Cost saving and other innovative construction and design ideas should be explored in depth during the planning and design phases, as this is when project participants have the most influence on overall project costs and schedules

Dorchester Public Schools

This tilt-up concrete project is also one of the first schools in Nebraska to be built using the design/build project delivery method allowed by Nebraska LB889. The 33,500 square foot building replaced the original building built in 1927 and features both elementary and high school classrooms, multi-purpose room with stage, library and administrative offices.

As a political subdivision in Nebraska, let Ayars & Ayars, Inc. show you how you can benefit by using a design build delivery for your project.

Dorchester Public School - first design build school built under Nebraska LB889