Career Path for Field Employees


After time and hard work in a variety of commercial construction tasks, a person with proven capabilities can specialize in one or more of our self-performed trades.


After doing well in one or more trades such as carpentry, masonry and concrete finishing, a person with responsibility and leadership skills may request to run a crew.

Crew Supervisor:

A crew supervisor is responsible for the production, quality of work and morale of a crew. Once a person has successfully run one crew, he or she may begin running one or more jobs.

Jobsite Supervisor:

A jobsite supervisor is responsible for ensuring all aspects of the job are on schedule. He or she is also responsible for knowing the budget of that job, plus working with all employees, subcontractors and owners. Once a person is able to successfully run more than one job he or she can become a project manager.

Project Manager:

Project Managers are responsible for all aspects of several projects that may be running at the same time, including working with fellow employees, budgets for projects, owners, suppliers, and more.