Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Pre-engineered metal building Pre-engineered metal building Pre-engineered metal building

Metal building systems are used in almost every conceivable application. You will find them in industrial applications such as complex production facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. They are used in retail stores, shopping centers, motels, automobile dealerships, office complexes, airplane hangars and arenas. They are also used in schools, libraries, churches, medical facilities, and govenment buildings.

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Benefits of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings:

Metal Building Systems :
Used for one and two-story properties because they provide attributes such as durability, speed of construction, flexibility, attractive appearance, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Enhancement Features:
The metal walls can be substituted with masonry, stone, pre-cast or tilt-up, wood, glass, and other architecturally designed wall systems. Many churches today are metal buildings, yet aren't recongnized as such due to the enhancements.
Structural Optimization:
Multiple load paths making the building both stronger and more durable. This leads to a longer lasting structure.
Speed and Ease of Construction :
Due to the ease of construction, these systems can be completed in about thirty-percent less time than conventional buildings.
Design Freedom/Versatility:
These buildings can be shaped and sized in ways not easily possible with other building materials. Versatility allows the building to be reconfigured and added onto as needs change.
Standing Seam Roof:
Due to innovation, metal buildings have the ability to have a standing seam roof which provides a weather-tight seal and accommodates expansions and contractions. It is also suitable for retrofitting an existing roof.