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Ayars & Ayars, Inc. Can Help Score a Victory on Your Sports Facilities
  Twenty Five Years of Expertise From Design to Play
Sports Facilities Crafted by Experts

Ayars & Ayars, Inc. design capabilities and construction expertise make for a rare combination of talent and in-house design-build capabilities. We combine our state-of-the-art technologies with our innovative and reliable construction methods to deliver cost-effective quality projects on schedule and within budget.

Some of our sports facilities projects include:

Timetables regulatory requirements, and complex site conditions are manageable with Ayars & Ayars, Inc. expertise. The new field house construction at York College was accelerated by 30 days to facilitate the college's desire to include the facility dedication into the spring graduation ceremony.

Putting You First - One contract, One Team, One Source, we are the whole package. Ayars & Ayars, Inc. constructs buildings to last, buildings that will represent your needs favorably for years to come.
What Makes Us Different - Ayars & Ayars, Inc. places a strong commitment on Safety and Health as a cost effective, productive and humane way to improve the quality of work and the skill of our workers. We invest in training, and believe that it is the cornerstone of a successful project.
A Single Source of Experts - Design-build keeps the responsibility in one place. Ayars & Ayars, Inc. , using the the design-build process, has enabled us to develop an intricate web of good relationships with an intricate web of team players ready to work for you.
  Sports Facility Award Winning Construction
Long-Term Value on Our Sports Facility Projects

We provide state-of-the-art technologies and world-class management skills, combined with proven business consulting and industry-leading safety programs, to ensure a competitive price, schedule certainty and long-term value on most competitive projects. The "Ice Box" is home ice to the Lincoln Stars, affiliated with the United State Hockey League and seats 4,231 hockey fans. This project, pictured at left, received the "Excellence in Construction Award for Historic Renovation." Project management is the driving force behind the successful completion of all our projects. We prefer to do design-build Sports Facilities, but often our full-scope projects use a wide variety of commercial formats to complete a project:

  • Superior Designs on time and on budget.
  • Technically Sound.
  • Superb low-maintenance surfaces.
  • Indoor and Outdoor.

Let us show you why we prefer the design-build process at Ayars & Ayars, Inc. It can work for you.

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