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Hope Lutheran
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Hope Lutheran Church
Hope Lutheran Church
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Ayars & Ayars, Inc. is honored to have been selected to build this new church in Farmington, Minnesota. The new 8,967 sq. ft. structural building is being constructed on five acres of land in Empire Township.

Eight years ago Pastor Dan Oberer came to town when the churchís congregation consisted of himself and three other members. The congregation most recently has grown to about 70 members.

The church has been in the planning stage for the last four years, and has taken the next big step in its growth! The new church will include a sanctuary, entry way/commons, classrooms, and offices once completed. The steel walls have been erected and most of the remaining work includes: interior finishes, facade construction and landscaping. The church should be complete and operational for the congregation by late November of this year.
Design/Build : Ideal for Religious Projects
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We have had the pleasure of teaming up with multiple religiousí groups in our career and have been able to help their congregations build or improve existing facilities to ensure a bright future for their church.

We recognize that your construction project is an integral part of achieving Godís vision for your congregation. Our design-build construction approach first seeks to understand your needs, culture and resources. The team then conceives an innovative design solution tailored to your specific situation. We look to create efficiencies that control costs before developing detailed estimates that reflect the true budget. As the construction progresses youíll realize the value of our commitment to self-performance. Completing critical building components with our experienced workforce ensures project quality and adherence to schedule. Our commitment to excellence certifies your new facility will enhance your earthly mission for many years to come.

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