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The Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
  ... warehousing, fully featured office complexes, ultra-modern vehicle dealerships ...
Private sector moves to metal.
Industry trends show private business increasingly acknowledges the advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings. This is true not only for warehousing, but considering the multitude of various external structure enhancements, fully featured office complexes, complex aircraft facilities, ultra-modern vehicle dealerships and more. With one firm to be engaged and be designated for the general blueprinting, fabrication, and hauling process, the need for multiple option and component suppliers tied to a multitude of shipment dates is removed. This gives pre-engineered metal buildings the decided edge in the eyes of single source vendors. If there are any complications during or after construction, there is less room for error and one point of contact for a successful resolution.
On Schedule - The probability of shipping delays is minimized dramatically, allowing some of the strictest of schedules to be achieved if necessary.
Efficient - Pre-engineered metal buildings are precision fit, pre-engineered components, which can greatly diminish the number of work personnel needed. No time is devoted to traditional construction applications that require parts to be drilled, cut, fitted, and welded; there is less waste too.
The Future - While building expansion is normally laborious with any traditional structure, it's fairly basic with a pre-engineered metal building. Lengthening a building is the most cost effective way to expand a building. It requires removal of an end wall, appropriate support framing, the addition of wall and roof panels to enclose the expansion area and re-anchoring the original end wall.
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A successful design/build firm for over 20 years, we have veteran experience with the best policies and practices regarding pre-engineered metal buildings. Ayars & Ayars, Inc. has long standing relationships with the premier pre-engineered metal building manufacturing company (Butler) and design professionals, yielding an end value of superior quality and efficiency. That equals satisfaction. Our "Testimonials" link at the top of this newsletter provides you with exactly what our clients highlight about their experience with Ayars & Ayars, Inc.
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