Integrated Facilities Management System

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Ayars & Ayars, Inc. Offers Customer Driven Service Solutions
  We Learn From Our Buildings Every Day
Integrated Facilities Management System

We learn from our buildings every day. Making buildings that work, and last, requires learning over time through experimentation, patient observation, dogged perseverance, and attention to detail. This is why we are so committed to remaining involved with the buildings we make.

There is a virtually amazing practice offered by our Special Projects Group that helps to make our buildings operate well and endure. Designed as a tool to help with strategic planning, budget development and work order tracking, our Integrated Facility Management System (IFMS) is one of the services offered by Ayars & Ayars, Inc. as a commitment to your company.

Special Project Group makes use of the Integrated Facility Management System to offer ongoing service to our customers. Our system offers a simple, direct source of communication to help serve you better. It also helps us improve the overall performance of your facility by tracking and repairing potential problems. By tracking routine maintenance tasks through IFMS, we can improve building efficiencies--saving you time and money.

Customer Driven Service Solutions -The online Integrated Facility Management System can give increased Communication about your building. It's very direct - just Ayars & Ayars, Inc. and the client, working as a team, fully responsible to one another. It can provide Historical Documentation on emails, pictures, maintenance records, documents and blueprints. Also, the system provides Long-term Facility Monitoring, can identify and fix problems before they occur.
Safe, Secure and Private - Only the Special Projects Group and your company's designated personnel are permitted access to the Integrated Facility Management System. If Ayars & Ayars, Inc. makes buildings that are easy to maintain, operate, and change, they stand a better chance of being loved by your company.
Design Build Option - Successful, enduring buildings are maintained and carefully re-adapted over time as the needs of the occupants change. Design-build keeps the responsibility in one place. Ayars & Ayars, Inc. , using the the design/build process, has enabled us to develop an intricate web of good relationships with consultants, subcontractors, regulatory officials, suppliers, and, most of all, clients.
  On-Going Service Solutions
Comprehensive Maintenance Strategy

We who build leave something behind. And the life of our buildings should be measured in centuries, not decades. We have a wonderful opportunity, but a powerful responsibility as well. Ayars & Ayars, Inc. make buildings that are easy to maintain, operate, and change. But we have committed ourselves to not letting go of our buildings. Ayars & Ayars, Inc. has now maintained, altered, and renovated some of our buildings for a quarter of a century.

Our Special Projects Group is always available to fix and adjust. Along with providing immensely valuable on-going service to our clients, they are our feedback loop to your buildings. Contact Ron Roth (402) 435-8600 or (402) 429-7142 for a demonstration of this system.

A comprehensive maintenance strategy can simplify your life and enhance your profitablity.The longer a building endures the more valuable these tools become, as memories fade and alterations and repairs become necessary. Try our Integrated Facility Management System. It's one of the most important things we do.

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