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Ayars & Ayars, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years in Sustainable Design and Building
  A Quarter Century of Experience Yields Sustainable Facilities
Easy On the Eyes, Easy on the Environment

Building for twenty-five years, Ayars & Ayars, Inc. challenges each other to improve our products, processes, and ourselves. We have a reputation for minimal environmental impact while delivering a quarter century of economical on-time, on-budget results that meet customer specifications without cutting corners. A great example is the Homestead National Museum pictured at left. Listening to this customer goals we tread lightly and left a living and working environment better than we found it. Our company's diverse portfolio also includes other developments, such as:

Outstanding Testimonials verify our reputation for excellence. Focus on what works.

Project Accountability - Design Build philosophy begins with a fundamental principle that drives our behavior: Client delight on every project that goes beyond client satisfaction. Homestead National Museum was designed to replicate the plow that broke the prairie for the pioneers. It is a philosophy of mutual respect for design and memory. We listen, and focus on repeat business.
Best and Brightest - Ayars & Ayars, Inc. achieves our business goals by fostering integrity and trust. We reward professional courage, customer focus, and team building. We employ the best and brightest in the business and maintain a positive, collaborative working environment for our teams.
Construction Management Relationships - Ayars & Ayars, Inc. differentiates ourselves through the consistent application of best practices in the building construction process. We establish rewarding relationships with our customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and the surrounding community. The design build process fosters this collaborative goal.
  Design Build Provides Environmental Control of The Project
The Right Knowledge to Design and Build

Design Build uses a execution system that minimizes the project risk for the owner. As a design builder, Ayars and Ayars, Inc. is a full service company, offering twenty-five years of construction and design knowledge. Ayars and Ayars, Inc. assumes tasks for our company can be completed for our clients, without:

  • Injuring people
  • Damaging Property, or
  • Impairing the Environment

You are asked to honestly communicate your sustainability goals and thresholds. We will serve you at the level you set. Our knowledge of your sustainability goals is combined with the design-build process. Let us show what we have learned over twenty-five years in sustainability projects.

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