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Tilt Up
Hamilton Telecommunications
Tilt Up
Tilt Up by Ayars & Ayars, Inc.
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If you are considering the construction of a new building, regardless of its purpose, you want a building that meets or exceeds your specific needs, enhances your business image, is reasonably priced, and efficient – a building in which you can take pride! Tilt-up construction can be a great option to accommodate all of the above.

Tilt-Up Advantages
  • Architectural Aesthetics - Ideal for implementing a wide variety of decorative treatments. Examples: exposed aggregate, colors / textured paints, and a variety of surface textures to enhance the general appearance of the building
  • Reduced Costs - Reduced labor costs + Fewer manufactured parts and locally-sourced materials = More value with lower cost
  • Efficient – Mass of the concrete wall systems + Proven air barrier capabilities = Reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Longevity - Durability and longevity ensures your value. Concrete wall system is fire resistant, impervious to pests, and provides a secure, safe environment
  • Less Maintenance - Requires less maintenance than traditional buildings
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Hamilton Telecommunications
Hamilton Telecommunications
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Hamilton Telecommunications and Ayars & Ayars Inc. have teamed up to build a four-phase design/build project. The project includes an expansive parking area, the remodeling and addition to existing facilities, and the addition of new a new concrete tilt-up space to accommodate Hamilton’s growing business. The concrete tilt-up addition was designed and built to accommodate room for 20 offices and over 50 cubicles for Hamilton employees. One unique feature of this tilt-up project is that it includes a basement. Learn more about this project.
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