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Welcome to our newsletter featuring Ayars & Ayars, Inc. safety in the workplace.
  Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Ayars & Ayars, Inc. Safety Record & Expectations

Caring for people and building beneficial relationships is Ayars & Ayars, Inc.'s first, and in many ways, it’s central core value. The construction industry imposes many safety challenges; therefore, we take great effort to ensure safety practices and procedures among our employees and construction team. 

Our OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Recordable rate is among the lowest in the industry.  This has allowed us to apply for and receive the Award of Honor with Distinction from the Safety and Health Council of Greater Omaha, and Platinum Status through the Associated Builders and Contractors S.T.E.P program. Our safety record also allows us to work for clients with specific safety needs as well. 

"Our goal for our employees at Ayars & Ayars, Inc. is simple, we want to finish each work day tired from the efforts of our labor, but with no fear for our livelihood. Our plan of action is to efficiently perform our work in a safe and timely manner."  R. Michael Ayars, President, Ayars & Ayars, Inc.
"Since joining Associated Builders and Contractors in 1992, Ayars & Ayars, Inc. has been a leader among member companies with their strong commitment to safety. Ayars & Ayars, Inc. has found ways to get a quality project done on time and safely. They have made a strong commitment to their safety program and the results have followed that commitment."  Chris Alder, Safety Director, Associated Builders and Contractors

"At Butler Building & Manufacturing, our goal is to promote safe work practices among all of our builders and employees. Strong leadership and employee engagement is crucial to safety success and we help our builders every step of the way."  Daniel Hartwig, Safety Director, Butler Building and Manufacturing

  Ayars & Ayars, Inc.
Going the Extra Mile for Safety

Every day, an average of four construction workers die on the job nationwide. Ayars & Ayars, Inc. believes that proper planning and preparation leads to a safe workplace. That is why we go the extra mile to provide a safe jobsite for our employees, clients, their employees, and vendors. A safe and orderly jobsite not only leads to higher production, but also lower insurance costs which benefits everyone involved in the project.

To ensure our safety compliance, our Safety Director performs routine safety checks at every job site. If safety is as important to you as it is to Ayars & Ayars, Inc., contact us for your next project.

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