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What is Tilt-Up Concrete Construction?

A new building should be functional, aesthetically pleasing, durable, efficient to operate and economical to build. Tilt-up concrete construction allows owners to have the buildings they desire in a time efficient and cost effective manner.  By utilizing the tilt-up construction method, the building’s walls are fabricated on-site which accelerates the construction schedule while reducing transportation and handling costs.

The Husqvarna picture shows a tilit-up wall panel being lifted by the crane into a vertical position and guided into place by our experienced craftsmen, helping form the shell of the building.

The Husqvarna Turf Care facility, a concrete tilt-up construction project in Beatrice, NE won the Associated Builders & Contractors Award for Excellence in Construction in 2006.
The Husqvarna building measures 275,000 square feet. Of that space, approximately 90% is dedicated to manufacturing operations and the remainder is dedicated to traditional office applications. 

"We at Husqvarna consider to be leaders in the turf care industry. Our new manufacturing facility shows that Ayars & Ayars, Inc. are leaders in their field as well."  Andrew Rose, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Husqvarna Turf Care. 

  Garner Industries
Tilt-Up Project

Garner Industries, a tool and die manufacturing and injection molding company in Lincoln, NE, calls it's 75,000 square foot concrete tilt-up building home for both it's manufacturing and office activities. The manufacturing portion of the building occupies 60,000 square foot of space; whereas the remaining 15,000 square foot of space houses offices, a kitchen and break room areas.

The professional team of Ayars & Ayars, Inc. employees set in place 130 concrete tilt-up panels in only 5 1/2 days, demonstrating how concrete tilit-up construction can speed up the building process.

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