Precast Construction

Precast concrete can be found in several types of structures to name a few:

-Hotels and Motels
-Office Buildings
-Shopping Malls
-Manufacturing Facilities


Benefits of Precast Concrete:

Minimal Waste :
Since walls are manufactured in the factory, less waste is created due to precise mixtures.
Local Materials:
The materials used in walls is not specific to any part of the United States, therefore, allowing local material usages in construction.
Recycling of Components:
Recycled materials can and often are used in the manufacturing of the wall panels.
Community Disturbance is Minimal:
Due to the panels being manufactured off-site and transported to the site, there is less disturbance to the surrounding community from dust and construction materials. Fewer trucks and less time is also required, thereby, minimizing traffic disruption.
Energy Efficiency:
Energy Efficiency in the wall panel is created by the natural heat sink capabilities of concrete along with optimal use of wall insulation in the panels.
Sturdy and Disaster Resistant:
Precast walls are very durable and strong. They offer resistance to fires, wind, floods, and rain.