Linweld - Waverly Campus

Ayars & Ayars, Inc. was pleased to be selected design-builder for this comprehensive expansion of Linweld’s largest Midwest cylinder distribution center. Our scopes of work included: overall site development, erecting a logistical building supporting the air separation plant, erecting an air separation command and control building, erection of a new cylinder filling/warehouse plant that included plant offices, and foundations for the two air storage tanks pictured below. We are proud of the number of customers for whom we have completed several projects; Linweld is a prime example.

Linweld - Waverly Campus

“ Ayars & Ayars, Inc.’s focus on maintaining schedule and budget and understanding our needs is the best I have ever seen. Again and again they have shown us how they can provide a cost effective building with great quality workmanship. ”

Ronald E. Smith


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