July 2020

Self-performing fieldwork allows us to ensure quality and maintain a schedule for significant components of our projects. We are constantly investigating and implementing manpower coordination and technological advances that deliver the highest quality to our customers.

Typically the four scopes that we self-perform are:

Concrete, Masonry, Metals, and Carpentry

Self-Perform Advantages

Saving Time:

Motivation: Inherently, the lead contractor has a greater inventive for completing self-perform work on time and within budget than subcontractors do.

Control: Self-performing heightens the ability to manage the schedule by using internal forces to perform the work

Budget Improvements:

Budget improvements sometimes happen due to enhanced productivity and contractual arrangements, such as cost of work basis and return savings to owners.

Superior Quality:

When our own forces are responsible for work on site, we can guarantee excellent quality as well as on-time, in-budget continuously trained employees.

Delivered by our own, highly skilled and continuously trained employees.

Increased Safety:

Ayars & Ayars, Inc. crews working onsite provide a clear picture of our high expectations and set a good example for our subcontractors.