Tilt-up Concrete

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In tilt-up construction, the floor slab is cast early in the process, and wall panels are cast directly on the floor slab before being tilted into final position. Essentially, site-cast tilt-up ensures the whole building process is completed on site. With attributes of value, flexibility, speed and durability, tilt-up construction helps owners meet ever-increasing demands for new facilities.

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Benefits of Tilt-up:

Tilt-up buildings not only save construction budgets, but they also maximize your operation and investment dollars.
Speed of Construction:
Detailed engineering and assembly-line productivity offer savings in labor, materials and time.
Building Quality:
CON/STEEL tilt up buildings combine the latest technologies with experienced design and construction professionals to deliver optimal quality
Floor Utilization :
Column free walls permit unrestricted door location and unobstructed rack spacing.
Design Freedom/Versatility:
Since concrete arrives on the site in liquid form, every building can be custom-designed to meet an owners's needs - both in function and appearance.
Thermal Economy:
The natural heat-sink properties of concrete, combined with a variety of insulation systems, minimizes energy costs.
Because of their lasting value, tilt-up buildings are a preferred investment in the eyes of lending institutions.