Rural Schools

July 2021

Building the Future

Before you know it, summer will be over, and school will be back in session! in any education system, numerous components are taken into consideration to ensure that each student performs their best. Unfortunately, one component sometimes neglected is the environment in which students learn and teachers teach.

At Ayars & Ayars, Inc., we understand that quality education matters. With each and every one of our projects within the education industry, we strive to create an environment in which all students and teachers will thrive.

How do you create an inspiring space that has to survive the daily wear and tear of kids and teens? The design or the site might by challenging, but the district’s budget may be an obstacle of its own sometimes as well. With the right approach, a school can be the foundation of a generation.

A+ In Design-Build

You should not have to pick between a well-designed, dependable building and your budget. With Ayars & Ayars, Inc., you don’t have to. We will help you get the most out of every dollar. Whether it’s an elementary, middle, or high school, Ayars & Ayars, Inc., has a long list of past K-12 projects that were finished on time and on budget, with minimal hassle.

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Past Education Projects

Check out a few of the projects we’ve completed for our education clients!

Silver Lake Elementary

Bladen, NE

Thayer Central Community Schools

Hebron, NE

Conestoga High School

Murray, NE

Central Valley Elementary

Scotia, NE

Central Valley High School

Greeley, NE

Auburn Public Schools Greenhouse

Auburn, NE

Wauneta Public Schools

Wauneta, NE

Meridian Public Schools

Daykin, NE