Distribution & Warehouse Demand

December 2022

Meeting the Distribution & Warehouse Demand

ABLAH Blue Buffalo – 160,000 sq. ft. – Bellevue, NE

Ayars & Ayars, Inc. has earned respect and trust from well-known clients throughout the United States. Our success comes from not only the projects we build, but also from our staff.

Highly experienced and professional workers are confident, respectful, and passionate always in supporting and assisting the needs of our clients.

Warehouse Cost

As an active top Warehouse/Distribution design build company, we are highly active and engaged in the construction of distribution facilities across the Midwest.

Many factors influence warehouse construction costs such as market conditions, land cost and warehouse type.

Every project’s needs are different. No cookie-cutter way to get an accurate estimate for warehouse construction cost exists.

We offer cost-saving design solutions that will keep costs down and build up value.

Warehouse Type

An additional determining factor in warehouse construction cost is the manner and materials used to construct a facility. Most warehouses-built use tilt-up or pre-engineered metal structures are less expensive.

For large warehouses and distribution centers, economies of scale apply: The concrete Tilt-Up method becomes more cost-effective as square footage increases.

In addition, Tilt-Up warehouses encompass a stronger life cycle. Facilities vary widely based on their needs and uses. Ayars & Ayars, Inc. can help you with a more in-depth look at which materials and methods are best.

Universal Logistics

Lincoln, NE

20,000 sq. ft.

Nutrition Services

York, NE

33,300 sq. ft.

Nebraska Book

Lincoln, NE

46,350 sq. ft.

Nestle Puring

Crete, NE

148,000 sq. ft.

Customer Satisfaction on Warehouse & Distribution Centers

Get ahead of supply chain challenges with flexible warehousing and distribution solutions. At Ayars & Ayars, Inc., our industry-leading solution includes dedicated and multi-client warehouses with facility design and construction tools to optimize your operation. 
Design build gives you flexibility. It quickly adapts to your changing demand, staffing and service needs. It can balance network efficiency, capacity and service levels.

Ayars & Ayars, Inc., provides fully integrated design and construction of commercial buildings. We utilize a collaborative design build system to achieve a professional, consistent and customer-centric experience.

As a single-source, Ayars & Ayars, in., is trusted to manage the entire process from concept to completion.