The Petfood Industry

September 2021

We Are Design Build Leaders

You can have confidence in your project knowing that we understand the intricacies of your operating environment and the complexity of your industry. From planning to production, you will get a safe facility that meets your budget and requirements, minimizes long-term operating costs and maximizes your return on investment. Design Build keeps safety, schedule, budget and quality at the forefront, while executing projects of varying size and complexity. 

ABLAH - Blue Buffalo - Omaha, NE

Scale Up

Scale up a small process or expand and improve a large-scale operation. No matter your size or goals, you need an adaptable facility that quickly responds to consumers’ constantly changing tastes and meets increasingly strict regulatory standards. Get design, construction and consulting solutions to help you from Ayars & Ayars, Inc.

Increase Production Rates

Optimize Energy Efficiency

Achieve Food Safety Compliance

Improve Speed To Market

Speed to Market

With trends in pet food changing quickly, speed to market is paramount. The breadth of technology and complex regulations now involved in pet food production is a daily challenge. Make your pet food and protein facility flexible, efficient and clean with help from our experts.

We understand the unique ins and outs of pet food production. Our team can help you grow into a new space, a new product and a new market or expand your existing facility.

Past Petfood Projects

Wenger – East Admin

Sabetha, KS


Sabetha, KS

C. J. Foods

Pawnee City, NE

Blue Buffalo
Omaha, NE

Nature’s Variety

Lincoln, NE

Nutrition Services
York, NE