What is Tilt-Up Construction?

Versatile, Resilient, & Efficient

Northern Heights Baptist Church - Norfolk, NE

Tilt-Up Is Too Practical To Ignore

According to Concrete Construction magazine, commercial buildings using Tilt-Up construction first appeared in the early 1900s. The method became popular in the boom years after World War II, when a labor shortage placed a premium on economical construction methods. Over 650 million square feet of Tilt-Up buildings go up every year.

Each Project Is Unique

Cost, aesthetics, and time schedules can often influence a tilt-up solution. There is no one sector best suited for Tilt-Up construction. While most commonly used for large-scale warehouses and distribution centers, it can be used for any type of building. Tilt-up construction becomes more cost-effective compared to other methods as building scales increase. Economies of scale can make an alternative more efficient.

One-Two Punch Deliver Quickly & Economically

Tilt-Up construction combines the strength and durability of reinforced concrete with the precision and efficiency of the Design-Build methodology.

  • Fast Track Delivery
  • Cost Containment
  • Innovation
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Architectural Versatility
  • Durability/Resiliency
  • Safety

All Projects Emerge from Our Design-Build Philosophy

We combine that philosophy with advanced technologies and decades of experience to shave critical days and hours off the construction process. Is Tilt-Up the answer for your next construction project? Call us today to see if it’s the right solution for you!

Tilt-Up Projects

Check out a few of our past Tilt-Up projects that we’ve completed!

Frist State Bank Nebraska – 2 Story

Tilt-Up – Lincoln, NE

Hamilton Telecommunications – 2 Story

Basement/Main Floor – Aurora, NE

Garner Industries – Original &

Addition – Lincoln, NE

48Rock – Ayars & Ayars, Inc. Office

Lincoln, NE

Penner Sports Complex – Indoor

Training Facility – Aurora, NE

Thayer Central Community School

Addition – Hebron, NE

Shadow Lakes Towne Center

Omaha, NE

Husqvarna – Manufacturing Facility

Beatrice, NE

Alamo Drafthouse – Cinemas

Omaha, NE

Alamo Drafthouse – Cinemas

Woodbury, MN