Repeat Customers

June 2021

Work Creates Work

Design-Build reliably equates to teams collaborating and owners satisfied. Our resume is a catalogue of return customers. The single-source responsibility afforded by Design-Build means no conflicting recommendations from contractor and architect. instead, one entity has total accountability for construction and design elements.

Benefits of Design-Build

Design-Build offers many unique benefits and advantages that other construction methods lack. Some of the biggest benefits of Design-Build are rapid delivery, cost savings and better communication.

Rapid Delivery

Design-Build offers rapid delivery because design and construction happen concurrently. You hire the Design Builder. There is only one selection phase instead of two. This delivery method turns otherwise impossible timeframes into reality.

Cost Savings

Design-Build often reduces construction Costs for Owners. Smart Design-Build pays dividends, reducing both real (accounting) costs and opportunity costs. Savings is in the planning stage.


Delivering a successful Design-Build project requires open collaboration between all team members. Creating a team-oriented approach promotes high levels of communication and transparency, both imperative to the success of any project. It allows owners to share their vision with the team and align the interests of stakeholders. As a team, no other group is better qualified to align the owner’s vision with the project’s goals and objectives. Design-Build facilitates it. 

Wenger Manufacturing

Sabetha, KS

Planet Fitness

Lincoln, NE

Speedway Sporting Complex
Lincoln, NE

River Heights Vineyard Church

Inner Grove, MN

Hughes Brothers

Seward, NE

Makovicka Physical Therapy

Plattsmouth, NE

Christ Community Church

Omaha, NE

Garner Industries

Lincoln, NE